How we Operate

Global Storage is a division of Global International Relocation specialised in the safe keeping and storage of your household items, for short term or long term periods.

In a globalising world, marked by an exponential increase of the workforce mobility, is not always possible to take all household items when an expat is allocated to project for a limited period of time in a foreign country. Simultaneously, when someone decides to move to a new home, sometimes the installing process is not immediate and the household items need to be kept for a short period in safe conditions.

To meet these needs we have build facilities which in Portugal are unique of its kind: an isothermal construction, with ideal temperature and humidity levels for the safe storage of your goods ; Special sealed and personalized containers are used for big (cars, kayacs,…) and small objects; We have built a high-security vault to store works of art or valuable wines; We have a security system with CCTV with HD cameras 24h / 7d and access controlled by biometrics. Our high security safe was specially designed to store your most valuable assets, whether wine or works of art.

We will meet your expectations because every detail matters. This commitment ensures us a high degree of loyalty with our customers around the world with a dissatisfaction rate of only 0.3%.

We deserve international recognition of our partners which is reflected in the fact that we are the only national company to integrate OMNI, the world network of leading companies in relocation and international moving. We are also the most certified company to operate in this sector in Portugal:

  • Pioneering in obtaining the certificates ISO 9001 and 14001;
  • The first portuguese company from few around the world to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest graded international certificate;
  • The only one with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction;
  • We are proud of having the status of SME Leader and SME Excellence.
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Means that our facilities are submitted to periodic audits and meet the most demanding industry quality requirements, at an international level.

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Why Choose Global International Relocation

An experienced strategic partner, professional and able to offer a service of excellence and key-in-hand, which allows it to reduce the risk, stress, time and eliminate the inherent costs of a less able management.

At Global Storage we assure you all this:

  • A key-in-hand offer: we are specialists in the transport of pets and we take care of the most complex procedures;
  • We go everywhere with you: the largest International Coverage, 186 countries worldwide;
  • Mobility with care: highly qualified and specialised teams, offering a premium service from A to Z, guaranteeing the success of any operation, from planning to safely transporting your pet to its new residence;
  • Trust is key:we are, in Portugal, the most certified company and one of the few worldwide with the highest international certificates – ISO 9001, ISO14001, LACMA and FIDI FAIM PLUS;
  • Total security: your items are stored in personalised sealed containers, which are protected from humidity and external weather conditions, in excellent facilities that are second to none in Portugal and which guarantee the safest conditions;
  • Unconditional support: permanent availability and innovative processes of helping families during the process of moving or relocating;

We know we make a difference!

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Sucessfull Methodology

Tell us what you would like to store and for how long. We take care about everything else.

All our clients, independently of their dimension, deserve our utmost attention. We look to offer an impeccable service.
The experience and professionalism of our moving team allow us to attend to all your needs, listening to every detail. We thus assure a successful move of your goods from A to Z anywhere in the world. To make things easier, as well as support from our team we have also created a check-list to support international moves .
We offer a unique service:

  • Together we find the best service to fit your needs and we help with the paperwork required for international transportation of personal items;
  • An list is supplied so that you can easily check the goods to be transported to your new residence;
  • We choose the most adequate containers for each item, so that everything is packaged, transported and delivered to the destination in perfect condition;
  • According to the destination and the size of the move, we choose the best means and type of transport. Together we agree on the date of arrival at your new place of residence.

We guarantee that our cost/benefit proposal is the most advantageous and efficient. When deciding on a third party moving company don’t look at the raw value of the quote. Evaluate what guarantees are offered by the company and avoid any unexpected losses.
Our packers – specialised in their field – are well mannered and respect your privacy whilst working in the intimacy of your home:

  • Carefully protecting your personal items, working with the best packaging materials available in the market;
  • Assuring all your items are rigorously listed, packed and labeled;
  • Carefully handling your packaged items, moving these either directly to an international transport, or depositing them in our repository until the transport order has been received.

In the end, we make sure that your house is clean and ready to receive another family!

Our facilities have unique storage conditions: isothermal characteristics, allowing ideal temperature and humidity to storage your household items; a high-security vault to store works of art or valuable wines; special security conditions (access by biometrics, surveillance 24h / 7d with HD cameras).
Because at the end of our work we want to be rewarded with your satisfaction:

  • We ensure the move to any country in the world, through our global network of certified agents;
  • We deliver to your new residence on the agreed date;
  • We unload, unpack and fit all your belongings in your new place of residence.
  • We check the number of containers against the original list, to ensure that everything is in order.

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Specialised Packaging

Accidents happen and no one can guarantee that a transport van will not have an accident; a boat is not the victim of a storm; that tropical heat does not cause damage during transport or an article falls on the floor and is damaged.

So that all your goods reach their final destination in perfect condition Global Storage uses the best packaging materials and the most appropriate for each type of item, coupled with specialists in the art of packaging and international moves.

Our Packaging materials:

  • Reinforced cardboard boxes of different sizes and suitable for different types of items such as crockery, books, clothes, chairs, lampshades and pictures.
  • Wardrobes of reinforced cardboard for suits and dresses.
  • Silk paper for fragile porcelain and other very delicate items.
  • Corrugated cardboard to protect the surface of furniture.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Cardboard corners for enhanced protection of the corners of furniture.
  • Special PVC tape to withstand different types of weather.
  • Identifying stickers for each package.
  • Crates/wooden boxes, made to measure in our carpentry workshop, for the protection of special or high value items such as works of art, antiques, pictures, mirrors, sculptures and marbles.

We don’t “wrap” your items in newspaper, blankets or sheets. It is as important to use the best packaging materials as it is to employ the most suitable packaging techniques. The art of packaging, in which our professionals are unsurpassed, determines the success your move.

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