How we Operate

Global Relocation is a division of Global International Relocation. At Global Relocation we support the mobility of expatriates, diplomats, military and families, on a personal or professional level, in immigration or emigration processes, with an integrated, personalised and turnkey offer of services, allowing cost savings for our clients.

We know that more than physical goods, people are at the centre of any mobility process: their ambitions, concerns and feelings are our priority. We will meet your expectations because every detail matters and we ensure that the cost / benefit relation of our service is the most efficient and beneficial. This commitment ensures us a high degree of loyalty with our customers around the world with a dissatisfaction rate of only 0.3%.

Our team, with more than 95 professionals, has supported over 11000 expatriates in mobility processes, with the same dedication andcommitmentto our customers total satisfaction.

We deserve international recognition of our partners which is reflected in the fact that we are the only national company to integrate OMNI, the world network of leading companies in relocation and international moving. We are also the most certified company to operate in this sector in Portugal:

  • Pioneering in obtaining the certificates ISO 9001 and 14001;
  • The first portuguese company from few around the world to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest graded international certificate;
  • The only one with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction;
  • We are proud of having the status of SME Leader and SME Excellence.

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Why Choose Global International Relocation

An experienced strategic partner, professional and able to offer a service of excellence and key-in-hand, which allows it to reduce the risk, stress, time and eliminate  the inherent costs of a less able management, is the guarantee to success of a relocation process.

At Global Relocation we assure you all this:

  • Continuous support. We are an experienced team available to support you 24h/7d;
  • Unbeatable cost/benefit ratio thanks to our wide network of suppliers ,with which we have negotiated preferential rates for expats, allowing us to offer favorable conditions to our clients;
  • Health care services for international patients through partnerships with the best private health care provider network;
  • An intercultural team sensitive to Expat needs;
  • Multilingual team, being our consultants fully fluent  in more than 6 foreign languages;
  • Experient immigration department guaranteeing the compliance with local laws;
  • Focused on supporting and integrating the spouse and the whole family in the local community.

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Relocation Services

We have a totally dedicated and trained team, ready to provide you with a wide offer of relocation services, one of the most complete in the market:

In this first phase of the relocation process, we provide information to the expatriate and his family, regarding the country and the geo-social context of his future work and home, what are the steps of a moving process, what sort of services can we provide as well as receiving all the necessary information to begin the process and plan an orientation visit to the country of destination, if that is the case.
Our consultant will accompany the employee and his family on a brief orientation visit to the receiving country, to help him make various decisions in terms of accommodation, schools, and all other matters related to his future settling.

As a rule,this visit implies:

  • Providing global information of the country and region of settling
  • Visit the workplace
  • Visit some points of interest
  • Travel along the main roads to the most important places
  • Meet school staff and facilities, based on pre-selected list, according to the needs indicated by the family
  • Visit commercial areas
  • Visit local health care providers
  • Visit various housing options, according to family needs and budget

After selection of preferential neighbourhoods, a selection of houses/ apartments is prepared according to the criteria, needs and budget of the expatriate family. As soon as 12 to 15 options are identified, the day of the accompanied visit is scheduled, in order to guarantee that the contracts defend the expat’s interests.
We will support you in your day-to-day management, helping you manage and guide your first days in the country. We provide a detailed visit to your residential area, as well as to the area around the workplace, helping you to get to know the existing available services. If in the orientation visit you didn’t find the accommodation you wanted, we will help you get what you wish for with all the support in the negotiation process, in contractual and legal matters, informing you of all the costs and inherent practices.
The negotiation of your home, sale or rental, can also be managed through us. Our team of real-estate consultants will advise you about the market situation and the best options.
Presentation of short-term accommodation options for those who need to stay in Portugal for a period of time under 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, striving to meeting budget and location needs.

These temporary solutions can also be used as a solution for transition processes between different accommodations.

We help you select the school that better answers your children’s needs and in line with the location of your new home.

Based on the information you send, we pre-select a group of schools and schedule interviews with the ones you choose. After choosing the school, we provide support in the necessary student admission procedures, fee payment methods, deposits, shopping for uniforms, etc

Because it is fundamental to guarantee excellent healthcare in case of need, we have partnerships with one of the best private healthcare networks, with assistance services especially designed for international patients.
We handle all procedures to cancel the different contracts in force, be they supplier services (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc),housing, bank accounts, insurance, residence authorisations or others.We guarantee that you don’t leave anything unattended to behind!
We handle all procedures to cancel the different contracts in force, be they supplier services (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc),housing, bank accounts, insurance, residence authorisations or others.We guarantee that you don’t leave anything unattended to behind!

Our international moving team provides a turnkey service of excellence. We manage everything for you.

We provide a secure storage and safe-keeping service, with the guarantee of a superior packaging. Our facilities are isothermal, allowing for ideal temperature and humidity conditions, for the safe-keeping of your belongings. We also have a safe with unique characteristics, where you may leave your most precious objects, be they wines or works of art.
Because force majeur accidents also happen, we have insurance covering all types of possible damage.
To ease your integration in the local community it’s important to understand and speak the local language. We have partnerships with language schools and private teachers so that you can quickly start using your new language.
The success of a relocation process depends largely of the good integration of the spouse and family in their new destination. Therefore it is decisive the support we can provide them, in order to guarantee an easy and quick adjustment period that allows the expat to settle in successfully in his new workplace.

The programs we design for families include:

  • Inter-cultural training, to learn about the countries social specificities and good practices, as well as provide general information of a socio-geo-political type, facilitating social relations
  • Language training
  • Support in identifying work opportunities for the spouse
  • Supporting inclusion into the community, introducing the family to the local community and to local initiatives that they may want to participate in.

We help to manage expenses with gas, electricity, water, communications, house rent, amongst other services, on a monthly basis, helping to schedule invoice payments. We negotiate repair work with the landlord or coordinate with contractors.
Our team will help you get to know the countries social specificities and good practices, as well as provide general information as well as provide general information of a socio-geo-political type, facilitating social relations.

The first three months are the key adaptation period to the new destination.We are available 24h/7d,to guarantee the total success of your relocation process.

Immigration Services

One of the biggest barriers for an expat or a global corporation when moving their human resources is immigration compliance.

At Global International Relocation we work with the best partners in more than 186 countries, who know the “ins and outs”of each destination, critical to overcome local bureaucracy’s key for the success of a project.

Our local team offers experience and timely response to any expatriation process guaranteeing the necessary compliance and peace of mind.


Our expert immigration team will help you gather all the necessary documentation to obtain your visas, critical for the success of the transfer process to a new country.

Before embracing a new challenge, contact us to guarantee that you are duly informed about all the necessary documents that will make your life easier on arrival to your new destination.

Entering a foreign country requires local compliance and registrations, even within EU borders. Making sure you are compliant with local laws safeguards you from unwelcome surprises!

We guarantee efficient and time saving solutions to get you up to date with necessary paperwork.


When importing your vehicle make sure you are fully aware of necessary steps that allow you to safely and legally drive your vehicle. Import tax and obligations are very strict and if not observed can incur in serious penalties.

Contact our Consultants for an in depth overview of the legalization process and procedure as well as an estimate on import taxes.


When moving, one of the top considerations is your tax situation and how to save on taxes to ensure your assets are structured as tax efficiently as possible.

To make the most of the opportunities that are available to you it is highly advisable that you take professional advice before you move. Contact us for expert advice.

Whether you need Personal Goods, Home or Health insurance our local Consultants will indicate the best options considering your situation and needs.
We clarify all issues that will arise related to social security, dealing with all the bureaucratic procedures for you.

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Specialised Team

Our relocation team wants to guarantee the success of your expat process at all levels.Our immigration specialists are vastly experienced ensuring that all the documentation and certified translations are compliant with visa and social security norms.