How we Operate

Global Pets is a Global International Relocation division specialised in transporting your pets safely via air to any part of the world.

Transporting pets is a complex process due to the strict rules of airline companies, bureaucracies and specific laws in each country.  The more exotic your pet is the more particular the situation will be.

The experience of our team assures a smooth process as we offer a full competitive service, personalised and key in hand. We can guarantee, that in our hands these special members of your family will be safely, comfortably and quickly reunited with you at your new destination.

We are recognised by IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and in every destination we work with international partners who currently transport  thousands of pets and know in detail local procedures for a swift and successful operation.

We will meet your expectations because every detail matters. This commitment ensures us a high degree of loyalty with our customers around the world with a dissatisfaction rate of only 0.3%.

We deserve international recognition of our partners which is reflected in the fact that we are the only national company to integrate OMNI, the world network of leading companies in relocation and international moving. We are also the most certified company to operate in this sector in Portugal:

  • Pioneering in obtaining the certificates ISO 9001 and 14001;
  • The first portuguese company from few around the world to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest graded international certificate;
  • The only one with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction;

We are proud of having the status of SME Leader and SME Excellence.

Come and meet us, tell us about your needs and ask for a quote.

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At Global Pets we offer a full A to Z service, which includes:

  • Reservation of short or long term stay at specialised hotels
  • Provision of transportation cages adequate to the animal
  • Obtaining authorisations and specific documents
  • Reservation of stay during quarantine periods, at specialised hotels, anytime necessary
  • Treatment and elimination of internal or external parasites
  • Blood tests when required
  • Microchips
  • Organisation of aerial transport, including reservations
  • Arrangement of transport from your home to the airport, airport to airport or door to door.

Contact us! We guarantee the safety of your pet.

Successful Methodology

A specialized team in pet transport of pets guarantees:

  • Detailed knowledge of the procedures and legal requirements in force in each country, namely quarantines, boarding, pet collection and delivery
  • The care and proper handling of your pet, since it is collected in your home until it is delivered to the new destination
  • Proper pet identification and compliance with all safety standards during transport , including the selection of the appropriate cage

With Global Pets your best friend arrives safely to any destination. Contact us!

Ideally your pet should be transported in the same aircraft as you.  If you let us know in advance we may be able to arrange authorisations, documentation and reservations so that you may travel together. As each airline company has their own rules, you should start the booking process ideally 3 months in advance, but at least 2 weeks before.
Each country has its own rules and the basic documentation required is the following:

  • Microship
  • Passport
  • Vaccines
  • Specific blood tests performed by an accredited laboratory (RNATT)
  • Medical records
  • Export and Import permit, which generally have a shelf life


  • Physical and / or health information
  • Age
  • Race, because some are obliged to special transport conditions
  • Time of year when traveling ( the warmer seasons are not recommended )
  • Pet measures
  • How many animals will be transported
  • Bear in mind that some required tests can take between one to three months to be held
  • The transport must be carried out on weekdays

To start the process, consult a veterinarian at the departure airport, as airlines are increasingly stringent.

Health certificates and immunisation cards have to be made available in advance.

Some countries require that the animal remains in quarantine for a certain number of days and at specific locations, whereas other countries allow the isolation to be carried out at home.

The cage for transporting your pet has to meet specific standards in accordance with the rules imposed by IATA (Associação Internacional de Transporte Aéreo), so you should not to purchase one without consulting us first.

It is essential to show us the measurements of your pet (dog, cat or other ), so that the selected cage typology ensures security, adequate ventilation, enough room to move, stretch and turn around during transport.

How to measure your pet?

  • Lenght: from the tip of the nose to the rut of the tail
  • Heigh: from the ground to the highest part of the head, if it has pointed ears, take in consideration the tip of the ears
  • Width: measure the widest part of your pet


  • One day before start decreasing the amount of food
  • 6 hours before the trip, give him a light food and administer enough water
  • Remove any type of collar, belts or clothing to prevent incidents
  • Get him to walk before going to the airport and before check -in


  • To ensure the comfort of your pet, we recommend that you leave him with an old piece of cloth with the owner’s odor, or a blanket to which he is used to, so that he feels more comfortable
  • Mark the cage with the animal ‘s name, name and address of the owner , and a contact number at the destination
  • Ensure with the veterinarian that the animal is healthy enough to travel

In rare situations, the flight in which your pet is travelling may be cancelled.  You will be immediately informed of the situation, but do not worry. The Global Pets team will take care of your pets as one of their own, until the flight is re-scheduled.

Qualified Team

Our team has extensive experience in pet transport processes and has received the recognition of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).

All of our specialists have not only a special vocation in dealing with animals, but they have also received specialised training at the Professional Training Centre of Global International Relocation. The team is submitted to a rigorous training from trainers and coordinators with the highest international certifications. The coordinators also receive training in centers of excellence worldwide, so that we continue to exceed our goals of excellence.

In addition, our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and LACMA FIDI FAIM PLUS certificates are themselves a guarantee of the highest quality standards.

We exist to exceed expectations. Contact us!