Branch Responsability Statement

We Global International Relocation formally accept and agree to abide by the rules set out in FIDI«s Branch Affiliation Scheme as also expressed in bellow statement:

“As a trusted FIDI and FAIM Certified Affiliate, we are able to designate the Branches that we would like to see FIDI-affiliated. FIDI trusts that our Affiliated Braches ae operating under the same strenuous FAIM quality standard”

“Furthermore, we agree that FIDI considers it is our obligation to safeguard the level of quality performed in our Affiliated Branches”.

Please summarize your FID Affiliated Brach (es) location(s) bellow:

  1. Global International Relocation – Porto
  2. Global International Relocation – Lisboa

“In order to obtain FAIM certification, we are subject to a periodic on-side audit performed by an independent auditor to confirm compliance. The FAIM Certification programme is widely recognized as the supreme seal of quality in the international moving industry”.

“We understand and accept that it is our responsibility that our Affiliated Branches are, at all times, complaint with the up to date FAIM Quality requirements”.