Quality Certifications

At Global International Relocation we work daily to achieve the highest level of quality and exceed the expectations of our clients. This approach has allowed Global International Relocation to obtain recognition from International Associations that evaluate quality standards in the industry. In 2013 our company reached the top national market:

  • EuRA – The European Relocation Association
  • FIDI – The Federation of International Movers
  • IAM – International Association of Movers
  • LACMA – Latin American & Caribbean Movers Association (UK only)
  • OMNI – Overseas Moving Network International
  • Worldwide ERC – The Employee Relocation Council

Global International Relocation is the only national company to integrate OMNI, the worldwide network of leading companies in relocation and international moving services. We are the most certified company in Portugal to operate in the sector:

  • Pioneers in quality certifications ISO 9001 and 14001;
  • The first Portuguese company to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest graded international certificate;
  • The only company with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction;

The reason for our excellence? The quality of our human resources and continuous training, in order to exceed the expectations of our clients. It is with this objective that GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION systematically uses Passport Quality Control of its human resources and service, always looking to reach further and to deliver a better service.

The sustained growth of Global International Relocation together with the good results obtained, have allowed the company to conquer in 2013 the statute of SME Excellence, after 4 consecutive years as SME Leader.

Come and meet us and allow our company to exceed your expectations!