Fairs & Events

How we Work

Global Fairs & Events is the division of Global International Relocation, specialist in logistics and complementary services for fairs, events, congresses, by air, sea or land, National or International.

Integrated event logistics can be a complex process due to the demands of the places/venues where they take place, as well as for all legal, bureaucratic and customs matters. In addition, accurate timings are crucial to an event and to your business.

The experience and commitment of our team allows you to streamline the process, because we offer you an integrated, personalized and turnkey service offering with cost savings. With us you have the guarantee that each process is conducted in an odd way so that you can focus on your business while we take care of all the necessary logistics.

We meet the expectations of our clients, because we attend to all the details. This commitment guarantees us a high level of customer loyalty, with a complaint rate of only 0.3%.

We deserve the international recognition of our partners, which is reflected in the fact that we are the only Portuguese company to join OMNI, the worldwide network of leading international relocation companies, and the most certified company operating in the sector in Portugal:

• Pioneer in obtaining ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications;
• The first Portuguese company and the few worldwide to achieve FIDI FAIM PLUS certification, the highest degree of international certification;
• The only one with the LACMA Certified Packers distinction;
• We have the status of PME Leader and PME Excellence.

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At Global Fairs & Events we provide an integrated service from A to Z, which may include:

• Event calendar management
• Planning
• Deliveries and Collections
• National & International in & out transportation (air, sea, land)
• Loading and unloading operations
• Management of empty packaging during the event
• Rental of conveyor belts.
• Obtaining authorizations and specific documentation;
• Customs procedures
• Complementary services for events, such as packaging, equipment rental, stands, signage,
• Support services for travel, accommodation, documentation
• Stand mounting
• Storage, transport and management of promotional material
• Assembly of congress folders / Bag inserts
• Promotional kits
• Short or long term storage
• Reconditioning / replacement of exhibition displays and equipment

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Successful Methodology


In advance, we schedule the event, considering all steps of the event in detail.


It depends on the event and especially the destination. Contact Us


Name and location of the event, specific dates, description of the merchandise, volume and weight. Important specificities


Our team will manage the entire process.


There are likely to be setbacks. For traffic issues, whether conditions in land, air or sea, traffic congestion within the fair grounds itself, for documentary reasons, etc. It is at these times that the dedication of our F & E team becomes even more important. Count on us. Focus on your business, we’ll take care of the rest!

Qualified Team

Our F&E team has extensive experience in specific logistics processes, both domestic and international. It is a dedicated full-time team to the F&E division F, constituted by elements with background in production of events, international transport and logistics.

All our specialists have not only a special vocation, but have also received specialized training in the Global International Relocation Training Center, where they undergo a demanding training, by trainers and coordinators with the highest international certifications, in order to guarantee the provision of a service irreproachable. Coordinators also receive training in world centers of excellence because we want to continue to exceed our goals of excellence.
We pay close attention to our official network of agents, so as to ensure, regardless of the location of your event, compliance with Global International Relocation’s quality of service standards