Why Global

An experienced strategic partner, Global offers an excellent key-in-hand service, allowing for risk reduction, less stress and time savings, the guarantee to success of a relocation process or international move.

At Global International Relocation we have it all:

  • A key-in-hand offer: specialists in Relocation, international moves, transport of works of art, pets, excess luggage, storage of goods and file management;
  • We go everywhere with you: covering 186 countries worldwide, with internationally certified agents;
  • Mobility with care: highly qualified and specialised teams, offering a premium service from A to Z, guaranteeing the success of any operation, from planning to implementation;
  • Trust is key: we are, in Portugal, the most certified company and one of the few worldwide with the highest international certificates – ISO 9001, ISO14001, LACMA and FIDI FAIM PLUS;
  • Total security: excellent facilities that are second to none in Portugal, guarantee the best conditions of safety and care for your property;
  • Unconditional support: permanent availability and innovative ways of helping families;
  • Total satisfaction: Read our customer testimonials.

We know we make a difference! Contact us.